* Premysl Hruby <dfe...@gmail.com> [2009-01-20 12:15]:
> On (20/01/09 12:08), sta...@cs.tu-berlin.de wrote:
> > Can anybody give a sketch how to achieve this in dwm (or give a hint where
> > to look at in the source)?
> Hi, to disable follow mouse behaviour, simply comment off:
>           [EnterNotify] = enternotify,
> in definiton of struct handler in dwm.c (or you can this and whole
> enternotify() delete).

That is what I did.
Thanks a lot!

> Alternatively, you can define some new toggle in
> dwm.c, write some control function for toggling (so you can toggle
> follow mouse on/off with keypress) and put something like:
>               if(!followMouse)
>                       return;
> into enternotify();

I have never needed this behaviour in the past, and past is often a good
estimate for the future :o)


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