Hi all,

This release should have happened way earlier, but some real
world issues delayed it. Sorry about that, but better late than


Changes include:

 * Scrollback support

   By default 500 lines scrollback history is preserved, this can
   be changed in config.h or overridden by the -h command line option
   at runtime.

   Scrolling is done with Mod+PageUp and Mod+PageDown.

 * 256 color support

   dvtm checks on startup whether your terminal supports 256
   colors this detection is done by curses which looks at 
   $TERM and the terminfo database. If dvtm thinks your terminal
   supports 256 colors then the child windows $TERM will be set to
   rxvt-256color. This means you will need a coressponding file in 
   /usr/share/terminfo/r or wherever your prefered distro stores it.

   For debian based distributions the file is provided by the 
   ncurses-term package.

   In the long term it would be good to have a dvtm specific 
   terminfo file. Volunteers are more than welcome.
 * Reduced latency on some keystrokes (lower $ESCDELAY value by
 * Statusbar should now support wide characters

 * $DVTM environment variable which is set to the current version.

   This is meant to be used in shell startup scripts.

   [ ! -z "$DVTM" ] && echo "Welcome to dvtm!";

 * Screen lock functionality with Mod+X

 * Support for shifted arrow keys

 * Mod+? now displays the dvtm man page

 * Cygwin compile fix

 * Code cleanups and shrinkage by adding lots of static modifiers

 * Top stack layout (not compiled in by default)

 * Scripting interface over a named pipe (not compiled in by default)

   See the following mailing list post for further information: 


Special thanks goes to Donald Chai for his work on scrollback and
256 color support.

Have fun!

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