On 17 Dec 2002 at 1:08, Scott Manthe wrote:

> It's nice that you're so diligent and concientious, Zack. 
> many of your fellow amateurs don't hold the rules in nearly as high 
> as you. Take a listen to any band during a major (especially phone) 
> weekend. Do you actually think the guys operating against the band 
edges and
> outside the bandplans don't know what they're doing? How about the guys 
> run 10 times as much power as they need to, in direct opposition to 
part 97?
> Anytime you run more power than you have to, you're operating 
illegally. Are
> you sure you've never run afoul of the law? And how about the "Hi-Fi" 
> guys, who in their minds, don't "technically" break any rules, but 
> assail good amateur practice by using twice as much spectrum as they 
> to?

Your long-winded post appears to say that you think the freebanders are 
justified, since some hams also break the rules. An interesting concept. 
If you follow it in your daily life, I am glad we are not neighbors. 

This philosophy has been used many times to justify breaking the law. It 
is at best irresponsible, and at worst, sociopathic. 

Get it straight, the "freebanders" are OUTLAWS! They should be arrested, 
charged, and most importantly, put off the air!

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