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Why... I think it is very wrong.  It is true you can get on the Honor Roll and never work a station yourself.  Do you think this is right? However, it is legal.  The only thing you need to do is designate a control operator to operate your station and it is legal.  This has to be documented.  The control operator is limited to his/her privileges.
It is okay for the FCC rules, but the DXCC rules should be changed.  The DXCC awards is a personal thing...
The DXCC awards states:  This certifies that Bill Gallier, W4WX has had two way communications....etc...   It don't say This certifies anyone from this location has worked....etc....
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Subject: [DX-CHAT] Working yourself on DXPeditions

What are your thoughts of you working yourself on DXPeditions.  I have been told that you can have someone come to your house and work you while you are on a DXPedition using your call and you will get DXCC credit.  Wow, you can get DXCC and never work a station yourself?  Let someone else use your station and call and do it for you! Would a "DXCC for Hire Person" be in order?
How does this sound? HH4/W4WX de W4WX 59 over.  According to the rules this is legal. 
See rule #10 of the DXCC rules on the ARRL web site.
Bill W4WX

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