At 11:36 PM 07/24/2006, Ron Notarius W3WN wrote:
GL on your end of the trip Tom.

With any luck, I'll have an antenna operational at the new QTH by then!
That is, once I find where the coax was buried (in amongst the boxes, that
is), get a desk cleared off, unbury the rig...

...hey, at least Verizon was here today to get my Internet connection back
up & running.  Now, you could say the techs were lazy... instead of running
an Ethernet line from the basement demark to the computer, they "gave" me a
wireless USB adapter for the computer.  OK, so it's Part 15 802.11b, but RF
is RF, right?  <g>

Actually, they probably did you a big favour, to be honest. Networks using unshielded Cat-5 can do some fun stuff to 20m, especially right around 14212 & 14273 at this QTH. If I ever get abmitious here I'll go 802.11g throughout the house and just hope I don't have to do massive file transfers any more.



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