All very interesting comments, especially reading on a break from operating SSB for a few hours so far this evening.
So what do you do when someone decides it's great fun to qrm your frequency with heavy breathing and panting? Doesn't happen to you? Gee. Best I could do was keep talking and that meant I missed some people who should have gotten through, but I was pretty sure the *** **** would run out of breath before I did and sure enough he (I assume) eventually gave up. I suppose I could go on cw and then not be recognized as "the yl" but then I'd have to learn the code. Don't tell Riley. Besides, then Dave and I'd have to fight for the radio--this is the equitable division of labor.
I always hate it when dx decides to go by call areas, but reached a level where the signals were all too similar in strength and too undisciplined so was forced to do it tonight--still there are always a few who don't get the word.
As I said earlier, this is not a traditional dxpedition. YT6A actually named it a "festival." Montenegro isn't going away in the near future. There are plenty of hams visiting and plenty of locals so no one should get their knickers in a twist.
Heard plenty of good US ops tonight and I felt good about them--clear, clean signals and good habits.
Have a good time and keep that testosterone under control!

Linda Churma Sumner

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