Offhand, I don't know of anything... and it's something that may vary from 
DX'er to DX'er anyway.

The closest thing that comes to mind is the DX Bulleting annual survey showing 
the 100 most wanted, overall and by regions.  But by bands too?  I don't recall 
if it shows that.

Perchance the best thing to do is to publish a tentative schedule, saying about 
when you plan to be on which bands.  Which of course won't satisfy DX'er X when 
he tells you that band Y is open from you to him RIGHT NOW, so drop the pileup 
and QSY to take care of his needs NOW.

Enjoy the trip anyway.  And if I can get the antenna up at the new QTH in the 
next few days, I'll work you anyway no matter where you are... I need FP under 
the new call everywhere! <g>

73, ron w3wn

(PS to all: yes, I know my old WN3VAW QSO's still count, or would if I ever get 
around to submitting the cards; that was supposed to be a little levity!)

Date: 2006/08/01 Tue PM 12:02:28 CDT
Subject: [DX-CHAT] Needed band-countries

Hi folks,
Is there any information published anywhere for DXCC countries regarding what 
band/modes are needed to different places? Or is just the overall need for an 
all time new one all that is available?
Going to a not-so-rare country, the question arises- Operate on 20 where I can 
get lots of contacts but hardly anyone really needs it, or call cq till blue in 
the face on other bands where it is needed, but no one tunes? I hate to be 
asked a million times on twenty- when are you going to be on?, but then when 
you are there are no callers.
Just thought it would be nice to be able to tell where the actual need is.
Duane, WV2B {FP/WV2B soon}

"The reward of a thing well done is to have done it."- 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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