nick cominos wrote:
> Re Charles Harpoles comments concerning LoTW don't bother me at all.
> He is entitled to his opinion.
> However, and I know this is no place for this, his comment about
> America having little standing in the rest of the world infuriates
> me.  The rest of the world can go to hell and would if not for
> America.  Rest of the world have a problem, call America.  Need money,
> call America.  Need resources, call America.  The world called on
> America three times to save it's butt and at enormous cost we did.
> Guess my patriotism is showing, lets bring everyone home, close our
> borders to everyone, arm ourselves to the teeth and tell the rest of
> the world to go to hell.
> vy 73,
> Nick W9UM

Gentlemen, this is an international forum.
Misplaced patrotism has had some grave consequences as we can witness daily.

Charles has a unique position, having travelled abroad and married a
That gives him some insight the average American never gets.
May I respectfully suggest that you listen to him,  perhaps off the
DX-reflctor, in order to learn more.

73    Rag LA5HE

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