If this occurs as you suggest, I suspect that Saint Barthelemy would become a new entity, but Saint Martin would remain as the existing entity. 
I think this may depend on exactly how politically separate they are as of the implementation date, and whether the separation is enough to invoke the appropriate DXCC rules regarding entities; I'm not an expert on that.  So best to defer to the DXCC desk for a ruling. 
73, ron w3wn
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Surfing through Wikipedia I found the following:
" Guadeloupe currently includes Saint-Barthélemy and Saint Martin, who have voted to become separate collectivités d'outre-mer in 2003; the change will be implemented in early 2007."
This suggests that Saint-Barthélemy could become a new entity next year. maybe even the current FS could be deleted, and also Saint Martin would be a new one... 
Any comments or firm dates ?
73 Peter PB1TT

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