Well, let's be honest with ourselves... we've all known this day was coming for 
5 years now, since the first issuance of the "new" IRC.  And we'll be going 
through it again in another 5 years or so, unless the bureaucracy relents (hah!)

In my case, since I have a small number of cards to go out that have been 
sitting awhile, I should be OK getting a small quantity of IRC's from Bob and 
getting them out -- immediately.  

I suspect things will get VERY interesting come late November and December, and 
frankly, I don't envy QSL managers who have to deal with procrastinators (like 
me), or people who don't bother to read the coupons, or people trying to pull a 
fast one...

I wonder if managers still get brown surface IRC's from time to time?  
(Considering all of the odd stuff they get, I wouldn't be at all surprised!)

73, ron w3wn

From: Jim Reisert AD1C <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: 2006/10/06 Fri PM 12:04:08 CDT
To: Ron Notarius W3WN <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, dx-chat@njdxa.org
Subject: Re: [DX-CHAT] IRC's For Sale

This is a great and timely question, since I'll be sending out a batch of the
expiring IRCs sometime this month.  That gives the manager only a couple of
months to cash them.

I don't want to "stiff" the manager, but I also don't want to take a loss on
each IRC I'm holding (pay $1.20 but redeem for 0.84).

73 - Jim AD1C

--- Ron Notarius W3WN <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Bob's post on about-to-expire IRC's just got me thinking...
> How do QSL managers handle incoming IRC's & GS's?
> In other words, when I send a manager an envelope containing a request, is it
> opened right away and any cash or IRC's removed (and duly noted, of course),
> or are the $$ etc. left in place until the actual processing of the requested
> QSL card?
> I know this may sound like a "dumb" question -- and yes, I know every manager
> has their own way of doing things, so YMMV & VWPBL(STn) -- but the upcoming
> expiration date on the 1st Generation "New" IRC's makes me wonder.  I don't
> want to put Bob (or another QSL manager) to the trouble and bother of selling
> & sending me IRC's if, by the time the receiving QSL Manager gets his hands
> on them to exchange for postage, they will have already expired.  
> OTOH, it beats arguing with the local bank branch about needing more than 1
> or 2 $2 bills at a time... or at least crisp $1 bills... especially when
> sending to a manager that wants 2 IRC's or US$3 for postage due to currency
> exchange fluctuations... (you wouldn't believe how many teller lectures I've
> gotten over the years on the dangers of sending cash through the mail. 
> *sigh*)
> Thoughts?

Jim Reisert AD1C, 7 Charlemont Court, North Chelmsford, MA 01863
USA +978-251-9933, <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, http://www.ad1c.us

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