Jim is absolutely right.

Too many people gripe about "the League" when they have a specific issue
with a staffer or a department in Newington.  [And some of those gripes are
very legitimate, I'm not trying to put them down].  And then you have the
induhviduals like W9WHE and W1WY and a few other trolls on eHam and QRZ and
a few other sites who seem to delight in putting down "the League" and
proclaiming all sorts of nasties and half-truths about the organization.

While HQ is the staff in Newington, and they do have a big job running the
organization and all of it's parts (like DXCC, QST, the QSL bureaus, the web
site, the books, and on and on and on), they are NOT the League.

WE are the League.  Without the members, the League would not exist.

Now I can't speak for the other divisions, but in all the years I've lived
here in Pittsburgh and been active or semi-active, I have personally met and
chatted many times with the various Atlantic Division Directors... including
Hugh W3ABC and Kay N3KN (or whatever her call is today! <g>) back in their
days... and just about all of the WPA Section Managers.  ALL of them have
been willing to talk, LISTEN, and explain.  They may have asked someone to
keep it brief because of time constraints, or others waiting, etc., but they
have ALL spent time to LISTEN and communicate.  And that's just what I saw
in person, they also have all been very active with correspondence (to this
day, I think W3ABC still groans when he gets a note from me, I used to write
him on a regular basis and probably drove him half nutz!)

I've heard stories about how aloof other Division Directors and SM's were.
Can't say, I didnt/don't know them, and outside of seeing some of them at
Dayton, haven't interacted with them.  So, as they say, YMMV, VWPBL(STn)...
and if you have an aloof DD or SM, maybe you should try and do something
about that.

Now... I do know of stories where some DD's and SM's won't talk, or talk for
long, to non-League members.  This is understandable to a point, because if
you're not in the League, they often feel you're not part of the solution.
So, if you're not a League member and this has happened to you, consider
joining so that they DO have to listen to you -- and if they don't, so that
you're in a position to do something about it.

I'm not saying that by joining the League that you have to agree with every
position, every policy, for that matter everything, that they've done.  (On
principle, I'm not too thrilled about the change of direction on Swain's
Island, for one thing -- for one example).  But if you're not a member, you
have no say in modifying or even changing those positions.  Consider that.

Jim mentioned the BPL situation.  Remember that the BPL lobbyists are very
anti-League because the League has had the audacity to question the
technical aspects... that is, ARRL has managed to remind everyone that to do
it right costs a lot more money that to do it quick, dirty & cheap, and so
what if some hams & CB'ers & cops & firemen have some noise on their radios?
Every time some troll writes the FCC with a put-down of the League
(justified or not -- and most aren't) it chips away at the League's
credibility.  We have GOT to fight the monied interests behind BPL, the ones
who are intent in pushing a flawed technology in the interests of recouping
their investments (and making a ton of money off the poor slobs who buy the
systems off of their hands).  We have GOT to get the FCC to acknowledge that
in those areas that really want BPL (with WiMax coming, how many?) it has to
be done RIGHT.  Establishing this attitude -- which is not anti-BPL, it's
anti-bad technology or anti-bad applilcation -- is what the League is best
at.  Even if you don't care for a lot of other things the League is doing or
has done (and after 40+ years, can we give the Incentive Licensing war a
rest?  please?), the BPL fight alone is reason alone to join.  (You can
always leave when it's over)

It's time to be a part of the solution.

End soapbox.  You can start throwing the tomatoes now.

73, ron w3wn

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