This upsets me too, but once you're in a contest environment and
you're tuning around and you really, really need the multiplier who's
sitting there, in the clear, at 7005, it's really hard to stay away.
Since I'm not playing to win in any of these contests, no big deal for
me, but that doesn't mean that the offending station is not going to
have a good run going.  They don't need me.

""if the contest operators try to limit
things that aren't illegal they open themselves up to litigation,""

Boy, that's a particularly ridiculous one.  Contests are all about
limits.  Only phone, only low power, only VHF, no WARC, whatever it
is, there are always RULES.

Oh well, to a certain extent, I buy the "it's only two weekends" line
inasmuch as that's how much it affects me, but there are certain
anti-contesting types who go off their rocker about not being able to
ragchew on their usual frequency for those two (or four, or eight...
how many big contests knock out all of 40m CW?) weekends a year, and I
think it's unfortunate that contesters give them fodder for their

There shouldn't be a contester/ragchewer conflict.  Both sides should
try and accommodate the other.

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