Not all of them make that big a splash.
I know that you also have both the North Jersey & South Jersey DXA's -- SJDXA also covers part of SE PA (Philly area).  Both have web sites you can check into for more info.
The Western PA DXA start dissolving a little less than 2 years ago, for a variety of reasons.  Myself and a few others have been thinking of organizing a replacement, but life is taking priority.  We haven't give up hope yet, though.
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There's Northern and Southern California DX Clubs, and there's the Southeastern DX Club out of Atlanta. There's even the Western Washington DX Club. There's the International DX Association and many DX Clubs in other countries.

But are there any DX clubs here in the Northeastern USA any more? Any that cover eastern PA? I know of Contest Clubs... like YCCC and FRC and PVRC.... and supposedly they are also DX clubs, but nearly all their activities are primarily contest-oriented, and their active membership is pretty much restricted to a circle established for Contest purposes.

What happened to the DX Clubs?

73, Jerry K3BZ

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