For the last year and a half, my local club (spearheaded by our incoming
President N3ZK... go to for details) has been raising funds to
purchase a mobile tower/trailer.  We arbitrarily divided the project into
three phases -- Phase 1 was for the tower itself (we got a really good price
on a 30' crankup from Tashjian Towers -- formerly known as TriEx), Phase 2
for the trailer, and Phase 3 for the antennas and related stuff (coax,
rotors, etc.)

We completed the fund raising for Phase 1 over a month ago, and the tower is
now enroute.  This weekend saw us meet the Phase 2 goal, and the trailer
itself will be delivered in about 2 weeks.  So, now we're on the Phase 3:
The antennas etc.

Anyone have any good suggestions for HF & VHF antennas that are both:
(a) lightweight
(b) easy to assemble/dis-assemble for quick transportation?

We had originally hoped to work something out with "Lightning Bolt Bob," but
Lightning Bolt Antennas went out of buisness last year.  And we have a Hex
Beam, but that's not neccesarily what we want to keep permanently with the
tower.  Anyone have any other suggestions?

Oh -- I should mention that there will be wire antennas (some dipoles, some
long wires, etc.) stored with the trailer.  What we're looking for is
something a little more directional.  (Sadly, my old Butternut HF4B, given
to the club a few years ago, got nailed by a tree branch courtesy of Mother
Nature and was not salvageable... or so I'm told, anyway).  And coax itself
shouldn't be a problem as we have a large stock of that in the Field Day

73, ron w3wn

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