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To get my Extra, I had to demonstrate my CW sending skill in downtown Manhattan to a very old FCC officer. (I will be 70 in January) :-(

And I had to do the same in downtown Philadelphia, and I haven't yet reached 50. So what? That was 1974. We're almost in 2007. There was no publically accessible internet. There were no personal computers. There were no cellphones. A child born when I passed the Extra exam may now be pushing for (or be) partner at a major law firm. Times change and we must change with them.

My guess is that those QRMing most any major DX pileup (or being an obnoxious frequency cop) passed a CW test. It's not an exclusive arbiter of good behavior. I also think amateur radio will be fine. If not, it won't be because of no-code, but rather because we didn't make it attractive for newbies.

And yes, I can send/receive 40 wpm with ease. If I were king SSB contests would be banished to history's dustbin (OK, not really). I prefer CW for a variety of reasons. But times change.

73, Joe KQ3F

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