As we all enjoy, in one form or another, the day (and Merry Christmas to
all, BTW), let us take a moment to remember a ham who's words led to a book
which led to the movie that is once again running a 24 hour holiday
marathon -- if not the best holiday picture of the season, certainly the

Of course, I'm talking about Jean Shepard K2ORS(SK).

Most people only know of him from the movie "A Christmas Story" (most don't
even realize that he is the narrator, and has a brief cameo near the end
with his wife/producer Leigh Brown -- for those who don't know, he's the man
who tells Ralphie where the start & end of the line to see Santa is).  But
his influence is everywhere.  For example, when we moved into the new QTH
last summer, every time someone -- anyone -- would pick up one of the boxes
(such as kitchenware) marked "Fragile," they'd quote "Fra-gee-lee... it must
be Italian!"

I was lucky.  I got to grow up listening to him every weeknight (with the
transistor radio under the covers) on WOR.  I saw his PBS specials and
mini-series, I once owned his album (my brother swiped & lost it, though I
now have a tape copy of it), I have many of his books, even got to meet him
at a book signing once (my brother kept those books too...).  So maybe I
appreciate that movie a touch more.  But for so long as it remains a holiday
staple, his stories will live on.

Excelsior, Shep!

73, ron w3wn
you know your little girl is growing up when she starts giving you practical
gifts for Christmas... like socks...

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