Is this for real???Yup.
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  Scarborough Reef DXpedition
  Announcing the 2007 DXpedition to Huang Yan Dao - better known as
Scarborough Reef

  After three years of effort to obtain permission to land and operate from
the most needed entity in the world, that needed authorization has been

  A multi-national team led by W6RGG will operate from Scarborough Reef for
ten days in late April 2007.

  BA1HAM and BV4FH have been instrumental in bringing this operation to
reality with ongoing support being provided by N4XP, N1DG, K5YY and N6MZ.

  A team is being assembled that will include members from Asia, Europe and
the USA.

  As with any DXpedition to a location such as this, transportation is very
costly and will be the largest single expense. Success will depend on the
contributions of the DX Community.

  Please QRX for more information as it becomes available and the web site
is activated.

  N4XP for the 2007 DXpedition to Huang Yan Dao.
  via Carl Smith, DX Magazine

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