Once again, a gentle reminder to all that is against the reflector rules to
post the same message to both DX NEWS and DX CHAT.

NEWS is for just that:  DX News and Information.
CHAT is for discussion and commentary on News and Information.

NEWS is for facts.
CHAT is for opinions.

Remember that there are many users of NEWS who only wish the news, not the
discussions and related non-news follow-ups.  That's why CHAT was set up as
a separate group.  Please respect their wishes.
Other reflectors have different rules, set by their owners, sponsors, and/or
administrators.  That is their choice, of course.  This is one of the
reasons why we strongly discourage cross-posting to other lists (it's not
the only one but I won't bore you with details).  Please don't.

Thanks, and good luck on BS7H

73, ron w3wn
administrator, dx chat

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