It depends.

If the existing entity is removed (remember, we don't add anything to the
deleted list anymore) and replaced with two new entitites, all credits for
the existing FS/FJ entity are gone, and we'd all have to work the two new
ones.  Think Czechoslovakia before, Czech Republic and Slovak Republic

OTOH, it may be decided that one (say, FJ) is the "new" entity, and the
other (FS) survives as the existing entity.  In this case, all of the old
cards still count for the old, and we still have a new one to work.  Think
of Yugoslavia -- as it's member-states became independant, the original
entity continued to exist and still does to this day (although now we call
it Serbia, the continuity with the original entity remains).

We'll find out soon enough!

73, ron w3wn

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I have worked both an FS and an FJ in the past.  Will those count or
will I have to work them again?


Henry  WA0GOZ

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