I've just found out that I'm going to be going to a work-related conference in 
Denver, CO May 22nd & 23rd.  I'll actually be arriving in Denver the afternoon 
before, May 21st.

Any chance of getting together with any of the BARC gang or the Mile High 
DX'ers that night?  (Hmmm... wonder what propagation is like on 80 that time of 

Incidently, my wife is going to be QUITE unhappy with me.  First, I'll be gone 
the entire weekend before, since I'll be at Hamvention (you'll find the WASH 
Club at the University of Dayton dorms, incidently, but I'll try to make the 
NJDXA Suite Friday or Saturday nights).  Then, I get back sometime Sunday 
afternoon, only to be gone for three more days starting Monday.  AND going to 
Denver without her.  I think I'm in big trouble! [I guess I'd better start 
saving up for roses and diamonds and a nice dinner out afterwards now!]

73, ron w3wn

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