If the ARRL or DXCC desk were to mandate LotW posting for DXCC approval, you
would hear even more screaming from a certain small but vocal element of the
DX community.  And frankly, mandating it would probably backfire on the

I just can't see them doing it.

The continual increase in postage is going to put even more pressure,
though, for electronic or other non-postal confirmations.  Which in many
ways is sad... there's nothing like the actual feel of a QSL card... and I
for one get a small "kick" out of the 1932 W3WN card I have sitting in the
shack right now, it conveys a sense of history that a computer entry or .jpg
file online never will.

We're just going to have to figure out an alternative funding method for

One thought would be this... if I work your DXpedition, one of thousands of
W3's... why not permit me to confirm electronically via your web site, and
not only request your return QSL the same way, but cover the postage and a
"donation" cost on-line via a PayPal or similar service?  There are some
pitfalls in this, of course -- the biggest one of which is determining what
the minimum "charge" would be to cover postage and handling, closely
followed by the need to make any amount above and beyond that purely and
totally voluntary.  So it's a thought, but it needs work.

We can do better.  We should.  We will; we'll have to.

73, ron w3wn

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At 02:33 PM 04/26/2007, John Warren wrote:
>Lou KE1F wrote;
>>Is time to be modern and replace paper QSLs for QSO confirmation?
>Nope. I like browsing through my old-fashioned QSLs, and I'm quite
>willing to pay for that privilege. LOTW is fine as an option, but
>not as the ONLY method.

I'd be against the elimination of paper QSLing personally, but to be
honest I think the League should be doing more to promote LoTW. If
you're a casual operator and remember a lot of fun, special QSOs,
paper cards are a fantastic way to do this. On the other hand, what
does a DXpedition QSL manager need with 40,000 US hard-cards, or
big-gun contest stations for that matter?

I prefer getting paper QSLs for 80 and 160m QSOs, but I'd much rather
get LoTW hits for everything else -- especially contests, or when I
run Europe or JAs from home. Unfortunately, too, LoTW is not accepted
by CQ Magazine for CQ WAZ, 5B WAZ or other similar awards, so I still
need paper cards for each zone.

>>One way would be is to mandate that DX Expeditions put logbook on
>>LoTW if they want to be counted for DXCC credit.

The problem is donations to DXpeditions would dry up, or be curtailed
severely if everything was LoTW-only.
What I'd like to see the League do is say that beginning on a
specific date down the road, a DXpedition must agree to post their
complete logs to LoTW within one year of the operation if it is to
count for DXCC.

I'd also like to see entrants to ARRL-sponsored contests either be
required to submit to LoTW, be given bonus points for doing so or be
penalized for not doing so, or better still, use the contest robot to
automatically post the logs to LoTW.



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