Ah, but the DX manager wouldn't neccesarily have to.

It is now possible to automate even the printing of the QSL cards, so that a
DX Manager wouldn't have to sit there with thousands upon thousands of
labels to process (just see the card I sent you for your C6A op as a perfect
example).  At the same time that one would "order" his QSL card(s), the op
could also designate his desired mailing address, and that envelope too
could be automatically printed -- and even automatically have the correct
postage electronically affixed.

So what would be left, the envelope stuffing?  Betcha even that could be
automated -- just find someone with access to a Pitney Bowes Documatch that
could stuff cards into enveloes...

There are a few DX stations already doing this, and the "new" Global QSL
system is a variation on the theme (and it's run by hams who are commercial
printers, from what I've gathered, so they have access to the right

The catch, as you've correctly pointed out Pete, is that it opens the door
to the potential of someone "buying" a QSL card without a valid contact.  Or
someone "requiring" a donation above and beyond reasonable return postage
costs.  But those are human, not technical problems.  Figure out away around
them, it could work.  Maybe.

Like I said before, it's a thought, but it needs refinement.


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>One thought would be this... if I work your DXpedition, one of thousands of
>W3's... why not permit me to confirm electronically via your web site, and
>not only request your return QSL the same way, but cover the postage and a
>"donation" cost on-line via a PayPal or similar service?  There are some
>pitfalls in this, of course -- the biggest one of which is determining what
>the minimum "charge" would be to cover postage and handling, closely
>followed by the need to make any amount above and beyond that purely and
>totally voluntary.  So it's a thought, but it needs work.

Yeah, you could quickly devolve into a "charging for QSL" quagmire.
Besides, can you imagine being a DX QSL manager having to look up
40,000 addresses, format them for your labels, print and stick 40,000
address labels before even stuffing the cards? No, I think for QSL
direct, the old tried-and-true method is just fine, as is  the buro.
But if you just want a confirmation for an award, screw it...LoTW is
the best way to go.



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