"ENJOY all
the Lids, CB'ers, and QRM you invited in !!"

Yes, because every ill-behaved person jamming the pileup is obviously
a recently minted U.S. Extra Class amateur.

Maybe we should look at the motive... who has more reason to jam  a pileup?

A brand new Extra all excited about DXing and who's seen the
impressive and bizarre spectacle that was BS7H in '95 and just has to
make sure they get this one...


Someone who already has them in the log and doesn't want someone else
catching up to their total?

- - - - - -

I personally don't think it's either... I think it's jammers who like
jamming, which we've had for a long time, and a few people who are
frantically searching a vast swath of 20m hoping to find the sweet
spot to get through and forget to switch VFO's before they transmit...
they're lids, maybe, but forgivable ones.


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