Here's a quick run down of a few books I've found to be worth reading (I'm
sure there are many more):

200 Meters & Down, The Story of Amateur Radio -1936 by Clinton B. DeSoto
tells how lucky we are that we ended up with the HF bands. They were once
considered worthless by the government and commercial interests. Once hams
starting making long haul contacts the real fight began!

Don C. Wallace W6AM Amateur Radio's Pioneer -1991 by Jan David Perkins N6AW
tells the story of one of the earliest big time DXers. Don got on the air
around 1907 and was active into the 1980s. His antenna farm consisted of
multiple rhombics on a 105 acre former commercial wireless site. This is
absolutely the best account of the beginnings of DX that I have ever read!

YASME The Danny Weil and Colvin Radio Expeditions - 2003 by James D. Cain
tells the story of DX after World War II. If you are interested in sailing
in addition to DXing you will find the story of Danny Weil and his
adventures amazing. This guy was hauling around hundreds of pounds of tube
receivers and transmitters onto pacific islands by himself. The number of
places the Colvins managed to travel to is equally spectacular.

DXing on the Edge The Thrill of 160 Meters - 1997 by Jeff Briggs K1ZM has a
fair bit of information about the early days of top band along with a lot of
information about how to make the jump to the band yourself. Plus, Jeff will
respond to emails with answers and advice!

Where do we go Next? - 1991 by Martti J. Laine OH2BH if anybody doesn't know
about Martti's recent adventures they should shut off their radio and go to
DX school. What many might not know is that he started these adventures as a
kid who was probably in over his head but persevered to become one of the
best known and most successful DXpeditioners of all time. He includes
information about some of the pioneers.

QRV A DXer's Life For Me - 1994 by Kristi Jenkins-Smith VK9NL this book
shows Jim isn't the only DXer in that family and DXpeditioning isn't for the
boys only.

3Y0PI Peter I Island Antartica - 1994 by KK6EK
DX-Aku Messages from the Easter Island Expedition - 1996 by KK6EK
VK0IR Heard Island - 1997 by KK6EK
All three give good accounts of what's going on at the business ends of the
pileups - plus they support the DXpeditions.

The Complete DX'er - 2003 by Bob Locher W9KNI Lot's of good information
along with fun stories as Bob tries to work them all.

Hello A Life In Ham Radio - by Danny Gregory and Paul Sahre This is a
slightly goofy book, but the pictures of QSLs going back to the 40's is
worth the cost.

Amateur Radio is a remarkable hobby and we are exceedingly fortunate to have
joined the ranks of those who have gone before us. Among our predecessors we
have included some of the most important inventors of the 20th Century,
heads of state, entertainers, military heroes, astronauts and everyday
working stiffs. In spite of such diversity we've always worked together
(eventually) to continue moving the hobby along in the direction of the next
"state of the art" technology while continuing to embrace the old

Hopefully the current and future generations of Amateur Radio Operators will
work to see that the hobby continues to flourish.


George (K8QM)

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