Well, then maybe you should petition for an "operating table and
chair" clause to be added to the DXCC rules.

Then anyone who just wants to string their dipole in the palm trees
and lounge in the sand with their head up on a log with their K2 on
their belly doesn't count for DXCC.

Or all you'd have to do in Scarborough reef would be to build a
special table and chair with funny legs to conform directly to the
coral rather than using a conventional table and chair and a platform.

Every set of objective rules is going to allow some very weird
entities to exist.  Every addition of a rule is going to make
following the rules more complicated (What size do the table and chair
have to be?  Ikea sells some pretty small stuff.)

BS7H will and should stay.  It's been activated a couple of times.  It
does consist of islands.  Aves Island YV0 has plenty of room to set up
a table and chair but is equally ridiculous from a barren-island
standpoint.  It's all in good fun, as far as I'm concerned.

Gives a bunch of people a chance to figure out how to build and
operate a station under the most extreme conditions imaginable...
what's wrong with that?


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