My dream of having a simple Thailand address, Box 1, etc, was dashed by extensive postal mail theft by the Nakhon Chaisi government postal workers. They first stole the $$ from the incoming QSL card envelops, and after my first complaint, began stealing the whole envelop and all contents and destroying everything. This began about June 5, 2007. Thus I have a new QSLing address:

Charles Harpole
86/1 Moo 4
Tambon Bankok
Amper Meung
Samut Sakhon 74000

This is good for HS0ZCW, 9N7UD, A52UD, VU4AN/VU3CHE, and K4VUD, AC4TT, and the old call of KG4FPK. I have changed

Please pass the message that mail sent to me to arrive about June 5 and after will not be delivered. I filed a complaint with the Nakhon Chaisi government Police. This situation is not likely to change, however, because there are also stories of stolen mail sent to Buddhist temples as donations.... how low can u go? BTW it is said to be against Thai law for non-approved Thai citizens to have foreign currency. Oh, well......


Charles Harpole

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