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My dream of having a simple Thailand address, Box 1, etc, was dashed by extensive postal mail theft by the Nakhon Chaisi government postal workers. They first stole the $$ from the incoming QSL card envelops, and after my first complaint, began stealing the whole envelop and all contents and destroying everything. This began about June 5, 2007. Thus I have a new QSLing address:


Charles Harpole

So how long before more thieves discover your new address Charles?
No reason not to seek the services of a QSL manager, surely.
There's plenty of offers around and it dont have to cost you a cent.

OR do what 5H3EE does and ask for the return post money to be credited to a (your) PayPal account instead of sent to be stolen in the mail.

Either way, be doing yourself and the rest of the DX gang a big favor in reduction of wasted effort, expense and frustration.

73 Dave

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