In essence, there are two criteria that have to be met for ANY DX operation
to be valid:

(1)  Proof that you were actually there -- a given for residents,
appropriate official documentation (like a passport or visa stamp amongst
others), a legacy of the W9WNV

(2)  Proof that you had proper authorization to transmit -- a license, or
something official that boils down to a license even if it's not called

7O1A did not have a license from the central government, only local
officials.  It would be like saying that it's OK to transmit because the
Governor of Texas said so, even if the FCC hadn't issued a license.

Now, regarding the 7O1YGF debacle:

The 7O1YGF team has yet to submit any documentation (only generic
photographs showing that they were in an Arab country).  We've argued round
and round on that one in the past, on this reflector, and on the DX-QSL
reflector amongst other places.

Don't forget, though, that Pekka 7O/OY2YY WAS able to get his short
operation approved.  Like Chris, he was there on a work assignment... but
Pekka had all his ducks in order, so to speak.

When this was last discussed on DX-QSL last March, I asked Pekka what he had
submitted to the DXCC desk for approval.  This was his response:
Several months before my operation I had a business visit in Yemen meeting
with minister level persons. Our local agent, who unfortunately is no longer
in the country, had direct contacts to the head of the security service and
the President. Using his contacts he was helping me and rather soon I got a
verbal permission for the operation.

It took a while to get the permission in writing and even then it came in
pieces. So the documentation submitted to ARRL was a package of several
documents. If I remember right there were
some 7-8 documents. The main items were my application with detailed
description of the equipment and the intention of the operation, which was
asked by the security service, an application to the security service done
by my local sponsor, a hand written acceptance from the top of the security
service and copy of my passport where the immigration/customs had written a
detailed list of all my equipment and a requrement to take all the equipment
with me when departuring from the country.

The arrival was organised by the local authorities so that I was picked up
from the air plane, my passport was taken, I got to the country using a VIP
channel and all my luggage were taken somewhere, every item checked and then
several hours later brought to me together with my passport.

So, I never received a formal operating licence but there were documets
showing that the operation was approved by the authorities before the
operation and also followed up during the operation. There was a visit to my
station by two persons, one of them being an ex minister. A photo of this
visit was also part of the documentation.

I hope this will help your friends.

Keep in mind that at the time, someone who was a member of the 7O1YGF team
posted a note saying, in effect, that he wasn't sure what was required.
This information was sent to him along with the response to the reflector.
I've not heard another word since.

Many who wants the credit are screaming at Bill Moore to bend or break the
rules and accept 7O1YGF on face value.  A good friend, who is not only a
DX'er but a lawyer, has argued with me that the way the DXCC rules are
written, there are implied loopholes within the wording that gives Bill some
discretion in that matter.  But... the question remains as to why the 7O1YGF
team has submitted nothing.  I just find it hard to believe that the entire
DXpedition was carefully and meticulously arranged, right down to the
"Yemen-German Friendship" suffix, all on hand shakes and phone calls.  Is
there nothing?  Not a scrap of paper?  Not an email?

Too bad Robert Stack's show has gone off the air.  This is definitely one
for "Unsolved Mysteries"!

73, ron w3wn

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If you visit the Yemem tourist center just about anybody can go there.
They have 5 star hotels etc..
But what I don't get is who is the official that the ARRL wants a
receipt from of being there and counting as official.
They will tell you it doesn't count. Tell me what you need from who to
I have worked 7O1A and 7O1YGF I need 7O as a one of two left to be
acceptable by ARRL.

Tom Wylie wrote:
> Why don't you all just get off the guy's case.   Yemen is a difficult
> place well know that.   We also know you can't just step off a plane
> with ham radio gear and start transmitting or you land in jail or worse.
> Why don't you just work the guy or don't work the guy - your choice,
> then wait and see what happens.   Who can tell what document(s) he
> might or might not have.   Primarily he is a businessman going there
> on business, and will try to get some ham radio in when he has the
> time.   If you are so convinced without even knowing the guy,  or the
> facts, that the operation won't count - then - just go on vacation!
> What business is it of yours to be writing to ARRL  BEFORE an
> operation............
> Tom GM4FDM

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