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Why I like to receive and send QSLs myself here in sunny Thailand:

1. I enjoy receiving, opening, examining and reading my own mail (like the guy who wants to be the first to read his morning newspaper).

2. I can involve my wife in my expensive and time-away-from-her hobby by her answering my QSLs. She also enjoys opening mail and looking at all the interesting cards. She is polishing her English by reading them and by writing the return cards. She likes doing it.

3.  I enjoy the personal touch QSLs give me.

A hobby is about enjoyment.

BTW, the folks here have cleaned up their act and now the postal boss here personally receives and initials and holds my mail in his desk for my pickup at p. o. box. And he will not take a tip for the extra service.

Another BTW... honorable DX stations DO NOT MAKE MONEY on QSLs... a myth abounding amoung the uninformed.

Thanks for all the thoughtful commens re my earlier message.  73,

Charles Harpole  HS0ZCW

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