> I won't speak for Herik, but he is very sensitive to his QSLing complaints.   
> He
> loves ham radio and I'm sure one of the reasons he's not on much any more is
> because he doesn't want to hear complaints about not QSLing.   To my knowledge
> he is fastidious about getting every QSL returned, whether direct or via buro.
>  He returns what he receives.

Yeah, I like how the implicit assumption here is that the mail thieves
are dumb enough to be fooled by simple disguise tricks or nondescript

All it takes is one or two envelopes to the Reunion address that are
addressed conspicuously and have dollar bills in them, and the
dishonest employee can JUST REMEMBER THE ADDRESS.

Then they can just open everything.  It doesn't matter what it looks like.

Personal mail from France will get through just fine, but everything
that fits the disguised-QSL mold won't make it through.

Hell, I got a letter from the postal inspector when I tried to send a
card to a stateside manager *also in Maryland* with a small cash
donation.  The card and envelope came back with the letter from the
inspector but the dollars disappeared into Baltimore somewhere, never
to be seen again.

If it's happening in Baltimore, you can sure bet it's happening in
places with even more crippling poverty.

If it's a choice between feeding your family well and letting some guy
get his QSL cards, or even half his mail, which would you pick?
Anything they can  open and destroy that won't get them fired is a


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