I think it's fine if you're rare DX and not getting any responses...

However, I've come to think no one should ever spot someone that
already has a pileup.  Obviously self spotters are too busy at that
point to spot...

Pipe dream, of course.  Never gonna happen because people like to brag
to the cluster too much (I've done it too, I wish I hadn't).

I think it should work thusly:

Station calls CQ three times with no response on an open band: spot him

That's it.  Otherwise, let people find him themselves.

There are just too many cluster clickers out there.  The cluster is a
useful tool, but there are just too many who show up and obviously
can't hear the DX.

I'm sure this is a common complaint of small, weak stations... and for
the time being, I'm medium-weak, but personal failure in pileups is
not really what this complaint stems from... I usually get through

It's just that you come across some good DX calling CQ, chances are so
did three other guys.  If you beat them out in the pileup, you know
they're there, let them enjoy their QSO and don't call in the rest of
the world to compete with them.

It's the courteous thing to do.

This is especially true of DX stations who are not so hot at handling
a pileup.  With three or four callers, slowly building, a bunch of
guys will get to make a contact before the pileup gets too big for
them to handle.

If I spot him right after I work him, the pileup instantaneously gets
too big and after 1 or 2 more QSO's, he's going to QRT.

People watch the cluster and build up giant stations so that they can
ensure they can get through in 1 or 2 calls ... that's fine if you're
feeling life's too short and you want to work 'em all, but if we all
stop spotting the good stuff, then DXing starts to come back to skill
and tuning more than brute force.

Again, pipe dream, but keep it in mind when you and that brand new
KC2xxx station find the good DX on 20m at the same time.  You make it
through first on your 70' high tribander... do you go spot it or let
the KC2 have the thrill of a lifetime with their freshly strung 20m
dipole and shaky CW?



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