Taking off my frustrated DX'er hat for the moment (my new Inverted L works
great on 160, as long as you don't want to work DX north of Canada or south
of Florida on it, to say nothing of West of the Atlantic Ocean and East of
the Mississippi River... arggh!) and putting on my Administrator hat...

I'm sure a few of you have noticed that on occasion, someone posts a comment
or question on this reflector, and posts the same or similar comment or
question on other reflectors.

I've had a few people ask me about it.  And (acting as an individual not as
the Admin, or trying to at least) I've also asked a few of the posters about

Just to be clear... the reflector rules state that you can't cross-post the
same message to multiple reflectors.  I've always interpreted that to mean
you can't use multiple reflector addresses in the "To" and/or "cc" fields.
(And "bcc" too, for that matter, if you really want to get picky)

The reason for this is simple... and it's a technical one at that:  Too many
people hit "Reply All" or equivalent command on message replies.  If they
don't notice (or notice too late) that some of the replies may be going to
other reflectors that they don't subscribe to, they get bounce messages, or
other unintended consequences.  And that means that people who want to reply
and may have some valid points to make -- can't.

But... there is no problem if you want to take the same message and
separately send it to other reflectors.  That (or those) would be considered
other messages, not the same one.

That's not to say that if someone (me, Larry, Moe, Curly, Groucho, Harpo,
Chico, Zeppo, Gummo, whomever) happen to notice this, an eyebrow might be
raised, and one might ask a question ("Hey, didn't you just ask the
FrostbiteFalls DX Reflector about the DX status of Moosesylvania the other
day?").  But that's all it is.

In short:  The cross-posting rule exists to prevent technical headaches, not
philosophical ones.  So long as the message to this reflector isn't
cross-posted, in the message header, to other reflectors, no problem.

Now back to your regularly scheduled DX contest already in progress.  And we
thank you for your support.

73, ron w3wn
administrator, dx chat

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