At 04:23 PM 2/21/2008, Charles Harpole wrote:
Talking abt waiting out an "EU only" calling practice of 3 hrs from VP6DX.....
realize that there is NEVER a directional CQ for South East Asia.

DXpeditions rarely call for "Africa only," "VK ZL only," nor "South Asia only."
An "Asia only" call really means "JA" if such a call was ever made.

Yet another reason I'm vehemently against calling by areas, by numbers or any other kind of spoonfeeding in major DXpeditions. If they're going to be QRV for two or three weeks, take whoever you can hear loudest and let the loud guys make their Q's, then as the piles grow smaller, take the weaker and weaker stations until finally anybody who calls can get through.

I can see a BS7 or similar ultra-rare/short-duration operations going by continent/area to give everyone a shot at one QSO in the log, but for big international multi-station QRO operations that will be on for a while, I'm strictly against this kind of operation.

Of course, it's ultimately up to the organizers and operators on how they want to run their DXpedition--as it should and MUST be. My voice is just one from the thousands who try to work 'em everywhere. VP6DX has been an amazing DXpedition by all accounts but I must admit the hours-on-end of EU only on the low bands got very tiring very quickly. Dare I say it, I sincerely doubt we'll ever see six hours-on-end, every day, of "NA only, EU-stand-by" when a DXpedition starts up from some place where propagation to EU is better than it is to NA.



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