So I posted this:

>  Mine too, and they heard my 100W.  They had such a nice signal I had
>  no question that I got in (though a little surprise)

And  had a couple comments about that not being me in the file
above... I realize now that a lot of people record their topband QSOs
but this isn't one of those ;-)  Now that I look at my post it really
does look like I posted what I thought was my recorded QSO!

I didn't.  I took some audio of them later in the night because they
had such a nice signal.  Don't want anyone thinking I'm a TOTAL lid,
counting other people's QSOs as my own ;-)

- - - - - -

Got me thinking though that I might start recording my own QSO's...
and wondering how many out there do it?  It would be fun to go back
and listen to them I suppose.

Do you roll tape on your own QSOs?


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