From: "Mediterraneo Dx Club H.Q." <>

directly by the team
Tonight we had problems with internet access and we remained without
uploading the logs from 00:00 UTC...... Given our phisical effort in 
days, last night we decided to stop transmitting early and try to rest a
So we did not lower bands ..... we'll make this night!

This morning we have arranged and we have internet connection again 
was a 5 GHz bad link).

There are still problems to the generators and not only how they 
We are been asked for an increase in cost compared to the agreements 
and we
are evaluating different options ..... Unfortunately, the dollars 
are many more and we do not know if we can meet the cost .... in the 
we'll have to agree on the hours of blackouts to avoid excessive costs.
Today will be a day spent to discuss and find a better solution, but
something tells me it will not be a final agreement: I wonder why we 
are not
surprised about this....

We managed to somehow fix the vertical but its efficiency is very 
In RTTY we do our best but we can not guarantee all the bands.

We are trying to satisfy all requests for contacts and sked but keep 
in mind
that we are 5 and we are not able to do miracles..

73 de ik7jwy Art

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