That's not what I said.  


There's no reason to rework SUDAN again.  But the new nation of Southern
Sudan (or whatever name the country ultimately ends up with) is not, for
DXCC purposes, the same entity as the now-deleted entity of the autonomous
region of Southern Sudan.  


The fact that there are current SUDAN stations using the prefix of ST0,
which at one time was generally in use in & recognized as the prefix of the
now defunct Southern Sudan, is irrelevant.


As they say at PNC Park "Programs!  Programs!  You can't tell the players
without a program!"  In other words, don't be misled by a prefix.


After all. would you consider a VR6 you worked today as a Pitcairn station
because only a few short years ago, it was the prefix for Pitcairn - but is
today the prefix assigned to Hong Kong?  Of course not, I hope!





From: Don Berger [] 
Sent: Sunday, July 10, 2011 7:49 PM
Subject: Re: [DX-CHAT] South Sudan


I'm confused - if there is no reason, as Ron explains, to work ST0 again,
why is NCDXF financially supporting a dx-pedition?


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