> I've got a small bag full of cancelled foreign stamps collected over the
> past 25 years and would like to send them to a good cause. Suggestions?

Ask around for your local stamp collector - they will often know folks who
want them.  One of the huge issues is that 'modern' used stamps are
generally not worth that much.  They are worth more "on cover" - aka the
whole envelope.  I used to give Dad my used ones, but he played with them
more as 'something to do' than for any real value

That said, every once in a while, there are rare odities.  For instance,
there was a fairly common US coil stamp done, oh 10-15 years ago, where
the USPS decided to test on some stamps a different UV taggant.  A bit
back, they were dicovered, and at the time, there were less than a dozen
known used copies still in existance.

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