Hi folks, I am interested in creating a display of qsls from DXpeditions to 
St. Paul Island {Nova Scotia, Canada} CY9, for donation to the St. Paul isand 
museum located in Dingwall, NS. Sorry, i just can't afford to pay $10 for each 
one on eBay, but would like to be sure the museum is able to recognize the 
history of DXpeditions and radio operation from the island with a display of 
actual QSL cards issued for contacts from the island. So, if anyone has old 
cards they no longer want, have duplicates of, from an SK or whatever, I would 
sure like to have them. Just need one from each activation in good condition 
for framing and display. Incidently, the lighthouse from SW st. paul which had 
been on display at the Coast Guard HQ in Dartmouth is now at the museum and 
being reassembled there. Check out the St. Paul Island Historical Society on 
facebook to see pics of the project. 73 for now, Duane, WV2B {VA1ZZ}  To know 
even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have 
Ralph Waldo Emerson 

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