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I don't know but it is sure nice knowing you are in the log. Before, everyone was making umpteen insurance contacts which kept some of the Deserving from getting in the log. There was always that twinge of conscience when you were working a rare, weak one and he came back with what sounded like the first two letters of your call only to have some moron yell UP UP right at the crucial moment. So, not knowing for sure, back at it just adding to the confusion.
Steve, N4JQQ

    There are two down sides:

(1) "Leaderboards" -- they cause DXers to become ultra-competitive. (I plead guilty!) I can see how many band slots my DXing pals have, and I will then work them on RTTY on every band if possible to "win." I have gone "Leaderboard Crazy" and worked operations 21-22 times (all unique band/slots, but I really don't need CW/SSB/RTTY) on 5-6 bands . . .

(2) Who I work is between me and the DX (unless I choose to tell others.) With online logs, anyone can put in any call and find out how you are doing. Probably not a big issue, but you can find out I only worked 4W6A twice, and with some DXpeditions where I cleaned up from 160-10.

In spite of those two points, knowing your QSO was good does outweigh the negatives. I really like on-line logs. A few times in situations like you described, I found out they didn't have me logged correctly. I re-worked them, and it meant I wouldn't have to wait 10-15 years for it to be re-activated again.

It's a new technology/capability that makes DXing better, at least in my view.

73, Paul VE1DX

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