Hi all,

Unfortunately I don't have the QST here to read the article.
A lot of chances to work a DX or DX-pedition are ruined by "hams" that don't listen before they TX.
It's happening in CW and all the other modes.....

I call those operators Crocodiles: Big mouth and very little ears!

Every ham should first be a SWL for a couple of years and learn how to use their setup before going on air!

73, Elmar PD3EM

On 23-10-2011 22:50, Crownhaven wrote:

There was an article in the latest QST that spoke to this. I hope everyone read it.

Steve, N4JQQ

John Carobine - WB8RFB wrote:

Logic dictates that the former rather than the latter is the case. I think we've all forgotten a time or two to engage the second VFO for split operation, but the light bulb usually goes on in just a few minutes or less. The current trend of calling on top of the DX seems to indicate there are more PC programs doing the work than engaged minds. The operative question is how to educate them. Whatever that answer might be, it will also involve changing their attitudes.
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Do we think there are just an entire generation of DXers out there who are using CW programs and can't actually copy CW??????? I can't think of any other explanation. "Up" isn't hard to figure out. Or do they just not know how to use their radios??????
Steve, N4JQQ

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