I've stated this before, quite a while ago.

Whether it be chasing DX or designing equipment, I challenge only myself.

Hard to cheat that way <g>. One would need to be somewhat schizophrenic to derive any satisfaction from cheating oneself.

The leader boards can be fun as well as a "proof" of meeting operating challenges. Sort of a contest without need to sit in a chair and yell (or, for us mixed mode operators, work at getting Carpal-Tunnel syndrome) for 24 - 36 hours at a time.

It takes a mind set of someone who is very ignorant or insecure to cheat at the leader board game.

It appears that, as the years go by, the concept of Gentleman as coupled with DXer is becoming extinct (if they indeed existed) either through ignorance, desperation to excel at any price or just sheer malice against fellow hobbyists. There are pileups that I just will not wade in to due to the aggregation of LIDS, intentional jammers (If I can't work you - no one will) , newbies (and old timers) that just won't listen and the nasty traffic cops. Admittedly this is a luxury that I can indulge in having reached the Top of the Honor Roll. My ulcers however, did pay a price getting there.

And then there is the Challenge. Still a lot of band - modes to fill in.

I guess, in a sense what is happening in Amateur Radio is a reflection of society today: ME first - ME only - ME now! I'll leave the invectives to your imagination.

Guess I'll go drown my sorrows in a glass of tomato juice. It appears that a friend of mine beat me by ONE QSO with the T32C gang. I'll never get over it.....'till the next leader board "contest" <g>.

Good DX to all.

Dave, W5WP

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