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> Do we think there are just an entire generation of DXers out there who are
> using CW programs and can't actually copy CW???????  I can't think of any
> other explanation.  "Up" isn't hard to figure out.  Or do they just not know
> how to use their radios??????

I contend that it's the packet spots (just DX call and frequency) and
nothing else.  People blindly go to them and if they hear the DX, just
start calling.  W3LPL spots compound this problem because they *never*
mention split operation.  Here's an albeit pathological case from TX7M
today - only 2/5 spots mention split frequency operation:

SP7CXV         18077.8 TX7M         lsn up-3
1607 25 Oct
LX1DA          18077.7 TX7M         QRM by F-Nino F6AML
1603 25 Oct
IK6JOT         18077.0 TX7M         QRMER VIGLIACCHI !!!!!!!!!!!!
1602 25 Oct
SV2BOH         18077.7 TX7M         over than qrm tks
1558 25 Oct
OM3SX-@        18077.7 TX7M         up1
1551 25 Oct

Also, many DX stations working a pileup rarely sign their call or
mention "UP" between QSOs.  TX7M was different in this regard, I heard
one op send "TU UP" after each QSO.

People forget they have VFOs.  If they just tuned up the band a
*little* before starting to call, they'd hear the pileup!

73 - Jim AD1C

Jim Reisert AD1C, <jjreis...@alum.mit.edu>, http://www.ad1c.us

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