I have credit cards and a paypal account. As I said earlier I have been to the 
7O6T web site, searched both QSL and Support sites, 
have been to the bottom of each page. At the bottom of the Support page is a 
"Donation" button" I click on it and it immediately 
brings up my paypal account page. But dispite what one ham said to do, to send 
money you have to put in an email address where you 
want it sent and that email address has to have a paypal account.
Nobody on dx-chat seems to know where I'm supposed to send money by paypal. 
Fred Soto gave me an email address, but paypal will not 
accept it.
I sent UA3DX an email this morning and I have yet to get an answer. On QRZ.COM, 
there is a statement to send only IRC's for return 
postage. For me to get IRC's, my post office has to order them from our nearest 
regional post office.
I really don't want the cards as the drawer where I keep QSLs is full. I 
already have Yemen confirmed on 20M SSB. I thought that if 
I make a donation that would expedite me receiving LOTW confirmation.
Thanks for reading,
Jim N4JA 

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