Just what is wrong, exactly, with working a DXpedition by band/mode?


What's the problem? 


Isn't that what we all want to do anyway, that is, work everyone on all
bands and all modes? Isn't that why the DXpedition goes too far flung places
at great expense for - to have as many QSOs as they can. 


Why do we have so many people 'setting the rules' for others. 


Seems to me if you work what you want then I will not say anything to you,
and if I work what I want, then I don't expect you to say anything (to me,
that is). Seems like it might work OK!


Only one over-riding rule - we all do it with some dignity and fairness to


I get sick of being told what to do by others - my government runs most of
my life, my XYL most of the rest of it - guys, give me a break and let me
live what is left by my own rules. Because I most certainly will not be
taking any notice of any of you, anyway.


Some years ago, our (then) Prime Minister said something like 'life wasn't
meant to be easy'! He was right, you know.


Good DXing to all. Fair and dignified, that is.



Ernie H Walls VK3FM

Mobile 0418 301 483



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