People are talking about "DX hogs" and "giving others a chance" but in
reality DXing is a competitive endeavor. It is never going to be
"fair" and "even" for everyone.

Ask yourself - why do you DX? Why do you submit your cards for DXCC?
Why do you keep totals? Why do you work more than 100 countries? If
you are on Honor Roll, why do you keep working more entities?

Why do you pay $2 $5, $10 or more for a piece of paper to prove that
you did something? The answer is because DXing is all about
competition, and we are competing against ourselves and each other.

The rules of the game are clearly spelt out - you can obtain many
different kinds of awards. So why should people not avail themselves
of the chance?

If someone wants to fill up all the green slots, then let them do so!
You don't know their motivation. You may think that they are doing it
to lessen the pleasure of others but in most cases it is not so. I
personally work as many as I can (given time constraints, because ya
know, life gets in the way) because I don't know if a particular
entity is going to show up on a particular band/mode ever again. With
world politics, war, dictatorial regimes, terrorism, or just some
bureaucrat itching to say no, you never know when you'll get to work
all of the slots for a particular entity.

Right now I have mixed and I am working towards challenge and 5
band... but in the future I may decide to apply for CW, phone, digital
DXCC, or individual band endorsements. How do I know if Yemen,
Desecheo, Somalia or some other entity is going to come on air EVER
again in my lifetime? I don't. So I work them now, and keep those QSOs
"in the bank" in case I decide to get some other award later on.

I do agree that those making multiple QSOs, same band, mode are
abusing the system. But if you are doing DIFFERENT band/mode slots, I
don't see the problem.

Off soap box

Ryan, N2RJ

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