DX Hogs will be DX Hogs no matter what.  The idea is that they should
not be *encouraged or rewarded* for acting like DX Hogs but publishing
a *Leader Board* as if such behavior made the operator a *champion*.

I like the idea of replacing the Leaderboard matrix with a flat table
that shows each band the DXpedition worked and each mode along a single
line.  Once a station has made QSOs on all 9 (or 10) bands and in all
three modes (CW, Phone, RTTY), their "count" stops increasing.  I'd
even go to the extent that once a station has been worked on all 9
bands and twice on each mode (11 slots) their "Leaderboard" standing
starts to DECREASE.

There is no major operating award that requires working a country on
every band *and* every mode.  To do so with a major DXPedition and in
doing so deny other worthy "competitors" the opportunity to work a
new band *or* a new mode is DX Hoggery.

The European RTTY pile-ups for 7O6T were slopping time on the hog farm
- there is no other way to put it.


  ... Joe, W4TV

On 6/6/2012 1:02 PM, Victor Goncharsky US5WE wrote:

I was making such bands/modes tables filling them by hand long before
the computer era.
Still doing this for major DXpeditions and really surprised of the
public excitement of such a simple thing.
Will someone prohibit me to print this SSB/CW 160-10 form for the next
major operation?
Will someone prohibit me to work the above mentioned operation on the
bands I need?
Again NO.
So, what's this discussion is all about?

On Tue, 05 Jun 2012 21:28:32 -0000, Joe Subich, W4TV <w...@subich.com>

On 6/5/2012 4:39 PM, Ryan Jairam wrote:
I don't really buy that argument. In the last days of a DXpedition,
they're usually begging.

You obviously did not attempt to work 7O6T on RTTY. The Europeans
monopolized the few available RTTY band slots and even chased 7O6T
off RTTY many times in the last days of the DXpedition.

Quite simply, Leaderboards as currently structured encourage rampant
DX Hoggery and have no place in radiosport.


... Joe, W4TV

On 6/5/2012 4:39 PM, Ryan Jairam wrote:

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