Yes and no.  Someone in London spotting that he can't hear the KH6 on topband 
at noon on a midsummer day is of course as much use as a chocolate teapot.  But 
under some circumstances - for instance during disturbed conditions on the 
higher bands or when deep QSB is the order of the day I'll take any 
intelligence about propagation conditions that I can get (within reason).

Anyway hopefully the rant did your blood pressure some good, Gerry.  Sometimes 
it's good to let it all out and we'll gladly be of service by listening :-)
Dave G0OIL

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From: GERRY <>
Sent: 07 June 2012 18:35
Subject: [DX-CHAT] Spotting Etiquette

Spotting etiquette has bugged me for a long time so I thought I'd vent.
I really don't understand why some folks want to tell us that they can't hear 
the DX where they are. I thought the purpose of DX SPOTTING was to tell us 
where (and by whom) the DX IS being heard. Imagine the traffic if everyone who 
didn't hear the DX reported it.
I have my program set to tell me when the DX is being heard in NA and it's darn 
annoying to get an alarm and highlight from someone in BC (I use BC as an 
example not to offend other NA non-spotters) telling us he also can't hear the 
73, Gerry VE6LB/VA6XDX
VE6 QSL Bureau Team
DXCC Field Checker


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