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>From the MARAC county hunting information page: "The County Hunter Net which 
>you found on 14.336 or 7.188 operates during the daylight hours every day and 
>sometimes into the evening. Most of the time the pace is fast and furious with 
>mobiles making contacts at the rate of 8 to 10 per minute. You will also 
>notice that we do not use phonetics in the call signs. The reason for this is 
>obvious if you listen to the net for a while. The use of phonetics slows down 
>the cadence and rhythm of the mobile operator. The mobile operators train 
>their ears to hear call signs and cannot take the time to translate what they 
>are not used to hearing. When you first start working the mobiles you will 
>notice that your call sign will be recognized immediately in just a few days." 
>The County Hunter's Net prides itself on being a cooperative effort, rather 
>than a competition. Experience has shown that many more contacts can be made 
>during a short mobile run by avoiding the use of phonetics. This is a
>departure from the norms of DXing, but if one allows a few days to grasp the 
>way things work they will soon discover they work the same mobiles over and 
>over in hundreds of different counties, and the mobiles work the same county 
>hunters and will learn a new persons call after a few mobile runs. We also 
>have a spotting network where one can see the correct callsign if they are not 
>sure of the mobiles callsign. While it may seem unusual to have procedures 
>different from DXing, it should not be unreasonable to expect to adjust one's 
>operating to a new activity, rather than expect an established net with 
>hundreds of participants to be expected to adjust to our ideas. It is a great 
>activity, and the only way possible for one to complete working all the US 
>Counties. Within days or maybe a week or two, a newcomer will find he 
>recognizes most of the calls, and knows most of the participants by name. Lack 
>of phonetics is not any impediment to enjoying the net. So, if you would like 
>to try
>working all the US Counties in a cooperative effort, then join the nets and 
>see if you like it. You might find it refreshing to work a station for a 
>needed contact who knows you by name, and maybe will meet you at a convention. 
>Competition is fun, but some activities just don't require it. 73, Duane, 
>WV2BUSA-CA All Counties 7732nd Time all counties 286  "You cannot do a 
>kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it
> will be too late."
>Ralph Waldo Emerson
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