The point is not to get the call from the spots. But, for example, last Friday 
I ran counties all day while traveling between NC and NY. I mostly worked from 
the same group of 25-30 county hunters who were on that day. Many of them I 
have been working since I started that aspect of the hobby 30 years ago. I know 
their calls, their names, their wives names, and even some of the dogs names. 
Does it make sense for me to give my call phonetically every time when the 
audience is not the whole broad world of hamdom, but the usual 30 guys I often 
work, and maybe 1 guy who started a couple days ago, and who may stick with it 
or may disappear? My call is given at the beginning and end of the run by the 
NC station and numerous times by myself during the run. Yes, it is a very 
difficult call, but what is the big deal if somemone confirms what they heard 
by looking at a spot? After all, didn't DXers know the call of ST0R before the 
operation even happened? Maybe those contacts don't count, since it could be 
argued maybe they wouldn't have gotten it right if they had not seen it 
beforehand in a DX bulliten? No one is asking anyone to take part if it is not 
fun for them and it somehow violates your sense of dignity. But, as we set out 
to bash other ham activities, remember there is plenty of material for the 
bashers in our own activities as well, and we might not like that situation. Do 
unto others and all such. It is just a hobby. When you die your DXCC 
certificate and my county hunter awards go to the dump. Enjoy it while you're 
here, and let others have fun with what they want to do. Maybe someone will  
make DXCC honor roll on echolink. Who cares. If that's what they want to do, 
let them enjoy it. It doesn't degrade what you have done. 73, Duane  "You 
cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it
 will be too late."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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