When calling a station I always give my whole call in phonetics and in the 
report exchange I always use phonetics for my call, I 
have worked them all and have them all confirmed as a result of being a ham for 
over 50 years. This problem doesn't exist for CW or 
Digital.I have heard nets asking for the last two many times and I have 
listened as they were finally called upon and it was over 10 
minutes later and it is illegal to make a transmission and let more than 10 
minutes lapse before giving your ID. You may know who is 
talking and they may know you. But the OO's and the FCC may not know who you 
are. Bob Furzur, who wrote Logger 32, would run pileups 
from 9K2ZZ and if you gave only your last two he would only acknowledge the 
last two and he would never QSL or log that station.
Because I give my whole call twice during an exchange with the DX, I have 
gotten "not in the log" only once or twice in my 50 plus 
years. I was assuming I was working the DX and it turned out to be someone else.
Also, what is this lid remark of "Contact" doing in ham radio? A friend of mine 
was chastized by a couple of lids on 40M ssb for not 
calling in the right way by saying "Contact". I cannot find anything in the 
ARRL's operating manual about "Contact". Excuse me for 
my attitude this day. I probably will get an adjustment when the XYL comes home.
Jim N4JA 

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